Stealthscape is a top-down momentum based speed game that has you pitted against a wide variety of enemies and obstacles while you try to quickly make your way to the portal at the end of each stage!

Learn new strategies in the campaign!

Each stage in the campaign is created by a variety of people! Some stages like to hold your hand, introduce you to new mechanics, and puzzle you, while others can be brutal, unforgiving, and push your knowledge to the extreme.

Beat your friends highscores!

Compare your campaign scores with your friends and others around the world. Try to compete for the best score and ride the leaderboards to the top!

Best yourself in ghost-mode!

Compare your campaign scores against your pre-existing scores in a 1:1 race with your previous highscore when enabling Ghost Racing!

Build your own stages!

Create short fun stages or long thought out adventures in the extensive stage editor. Place whatever you want in whatever combination you want! Edit each and every aspect of every object you place with the properties window to create stages that are truely unique and creative.

Play stages from around the world!

Upload the stages you create in the editor to the Steam Workshop for anyone to play, or even download stages that others have created and play them for yourself. The amount of stage possibilities is virtually endless!